We are an international team that organizes variety of events like concerts, festivals, seminars, fairs and conferences about wellbeing, health, sports and spirituality around the world.


Our goal is to make people happy in a life long time terms. Harmony is a thing that we are learning from the very beginning of our life. The intentions, the wishes, the people and happenings around us is not a random staff, but rather all of it is some litmus that guides us how to perfect ourselves and be happy. With our modest efforts we are trying to help people to clarify universal laws, their mission and interrelationship. As a result it is increases quality of life in all areas – particularly physical, social, intellectual and spiritual.


We use and adopt the achievements of modern culture, science, technology, economy and education as well as ancient wisdom of sages and holy scripts  from all over the world (traditional and non traditional) that draws us a full vision of the existence.


We try to follow universal principles of respect, mindfulness, responsibility, healthy life style, common sense,  free choice (including being free from bad habits like using alcohol, tobacco and drugs), ecological techniques of psychology and other practices, professionalism, spirituality, charity and of course LOVE.


We also support non violence as well as compassion to other living beings based on vegetarianism and veganism.